Sniper’s Hide Application

Download the Sniper’s Hide Training Application.

Please download the application below and email to the address above.

Preparing for the Class 

Our Precision Rifles Course take place rain or shine, so be prepared for inclement weather with the appropriate clothing. 

Round Count: We ask students not to run out on the line. Our course is not a high round count event because we focus on the shooter more so than touching steel.  Our 2 Day course generally goes through 160 rounds, and our 3 days course averages about 240.  We recommend extra but it not necessary.  Quality Match ammunition is a must. 

Eye & Ear Protection: Please bring eye and ear protection 

Databooks: We require you to write down your information, either in a datebook or a notebook.  Impact Databooks has a Sniper’s Hide Edition Book you can purchase from their website 

Software: We do not want the students using their phones during the first two days of our class. We use Weaponized Math which is used to dope students using gravity vs ballistic inputs. If you want to set up a ballistics computer at the end of day two can walk you through the process using the information gathered during the course.  This creates a better experience and helps the shooter understand their drops vs playing with unverified data often associated to Apps.  

Recommendations on software: if you are serious about precision rifle shooting we recommend software found in a Kestrel vs a standalone phone app.  But any app will work once properly set up. 

Precision Rifle Instruction