Precision Rifle Marksmanship Classes

Our Precision Rifle Courses places heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of marksmanship, with the goal of predictable, repeatable precision and accuracy. You will receive lots of one-on-one ground instruction from Marine Snipers and Marine Sniper Instructors. 

We start with an initial evaluation of your marksmanship fundamentals. Then, through classroom and live fire instruction we correct deficiencies, instill confidence and make the student proficient with the rifle out to 1,000 yards.  

What makes our Course unique is that we provide a social learning environment. You will engage the instructors and other students the entire training day. The feedback we’ve received from our past hundreds of students all confirm that the social aspect of our Course was as enjoyable and as valuable as the instruction received. 

You will leave the course with a solid foundation in the fundamentals, having demonstrated them for two, or three full days of shooting. You will have the knowledge to build data with any rifle and engage targets in variable conditions, with a full understanding of how those conditions affect the flight of your bullet.